ENG 410 Electronic Authoring

Spring, 2008

Students in this course did layouts in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress of stories written by students in Prof. Huntly Collins’ feature-writing courses in recent semesters.

The photos were either taken or collected by students in ENG410.

Each story was assigned to two students—these layouts were chosen from each pair of layouts.

Titles and thumbnails are linked to PDFs of the stories.

For best viewing in Acrobat, click the icon that says “Click to show one page at a time”:

Acrobat icon

(these layouts were exported as spreads so facing pages would stay together).

Layout by Michelle Kukawski
Story by Frank Visco

Dave McShane

Layout by Stacey Kauffman
Story by Lauren Kerrigan

dog parks

Layout by Allison Myers
Story by Marinella Della Vecchia

Marinella's story

Layout by Jessica Lindsay
Story by
Chris Dignam

Texas hold 'em

Layout by Maria Allegretto
Story by
Michael Levins

Dan Touey