La Salon logo 2010 Edition — Vol. 2

In this issue: Student health, inspiring people, surviving hard times, more

Students in ENG 410 Electronic Authoring did layouts in Adobe InDesign of stories written by students in Prof. Huntly Collins’ courses in recent semesters. The photos were either taken or collected by students in ENG410. Most stories were assigned to two students—these layouts were chosen from each pair of layouts.

Stories were designed independently, so this is less a magazine than a collection of layouts. They range in length from one to five pages.

acrobat iconTitles and thumbnails are linked to PDF versions of the stories, which have navigation buttons and a link back here. These are the easiest to read (to enlarge text, magnify, or hold CTRL and scroll on a PC). For best viewing in Acrobat, click the icon (right) that says “Click to show one page at a time."

To highlight the designs, there are also Flash versions (SWFs) of the stories, which have page curls and a link back to this page. Try dragging the top corner or bottom corner to change pages, or double-click on a corner.

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To Suffer for Fashion

Layout by Lindsay Beach
Story by Elizabeth Tabasko

(Flash version)

Energy Drinks on College Campuses

Layout by Emily Apisa
Story by Shannon Curley

(Flash version)

Autism Research. Is a Cure Really the Answer?

Layout by Anthony Giacometti
Story by Josh Filer

(Flash version)

Stranded in Manyunk

Layout by Nicole Jenet
Story by Jessica Lindsay

(Flash version)

The new walking: Carpooling to class

Layout by Max Orenstein
Story by
Richard Bowman

(Flash version)

Light the Lights

Layout by Hannah Datz
Story by Mandy Bee

(Flash version)

Costly Cuts. The recession's effect on our beauty

Layout by Mike Canfarotta
Story by
Jessica Sabella

(Flash version)

Diggin' up Archives with Bro. Joe

Layout by Steve Jiwanmall
Story by Bob O'Brien

(Flash version)



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