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Lynn H. Collins, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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Career Strategies for Women in Academe: Arming Athena

Making one's way through the minefields that are found in the academic professions is difficult for anyone - but the issues encountered by women in academe are pervasive and require specific strategies. In this new volume, editors Lynn H. Collins, Joan C. Chrisler, and Kathryn Quina provide a wealth of information about institutional pitfalls in higher education professions, advice on how to handle difficult situations, and encouragement to those who persevere in their pursuit of an academic career.

The book considers first the current state of women in higher education, then turns to an examination of women's roles in academe. Next, a section on assuming leadership in higher education provides insights and advice on breaking the "glass ceiling," and a final section looks at how to take charge of one's self and one's career. Full of personal accounts, including boxes with "success stories and cautionary tales,"Arming Athena: Career Strategies for Women Academics is a must-own for women looking for success in academia. Copyright 1998. 328 pages.

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