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Charting a new course for feminist psychology

Lynn H. Collins, Michelle R. Dunlap, & Joan C. Chrisler, Eds.

     Feminist psychology is vigorous, creative, and increasingly activist. This volume reflects women's diversity and incorporates strategies for social action and opportunities for political activism. It anticipates trends and developments in the psychology of women and feminist psychology. Chapters include those about women and self-esteem, leadership skills, welfare reform, spirituality, and domestic violence. The emphasis on social activism is unique. Unusual and cutting-edge research methodologies and techniques are also discussed.

     This book will be of interest to clinicians and scholars aiming to enhance their expertise and awareness in this field. The focus on contemporary research and future directions of the psychology of women will be a welcome, sophisticated addition to a syllabus for graduate courses in the psychology of women.

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Table of Contents:

Feminist Theory and Pedagogy
1 .Gendered Subjects in Psychology: Satirical and Discursive Perspectives by Maureen C. McHugh and Lisa Cosgrove
2. Deconstructing the Difference: Conceptualizing Feminist Research from Within the Postmodern by Lisa Cosgrove and Maureen C. McHugh
3. The Faces of Feminist Pedagogy: A Survey of Psychologists and Their Students by Merideth J. Tomlinson and Ruth E. Fassinger
4. Women of Color and Feminist Psychology: Moving from Criticism and Critique to Integration and Application by Michelle K. Williams, Terry McCandies, and Michelle R. Dunlap

Psychological Development
5. Deconstructing Attachment Theory: Naturalizing the Politics of Motherhood by Susan H. Franzblau
6. Dimensions of Silencing and Resistance in Adolescent Girls: Development of a Narrative Method for Research and Prevention by Joseph Spinazzola, Helen W. Wilson, and Vicki B. Stocking
7. Self-Esteem Inoculation: Protecting Girls from the Effects of Sexism by Lynn H. Collins
8. Woman, Whither Goest Thou? To Chart New Courses in Religiousness and Spirituality and to Define Ourselves! by Carole A. Rayburn and Lee J. Richmond

Women's Health
9. HIV Among Elderly Women: Ignored and Overlooked by Health Care Providers and Public Policy Makers by Jennifer M. Hillman and Kristin J. Broderick
10. Black Battered Women: New Directions for Research and Black Feminist Theory by Carolyn M. West
11. Hormone Hostages: The Cultural Legacy of PMS as a Legal Defense by Joan C. Chrisler

Women's Mental Health and Feminist Therapy
12. Prevention of Eating Disorders: Problems, Pitfalls, and Feminist Possibilities by Lori M. Irving
13. Body Image Disturbance and Disordered Eating in African American and Latina Women by Eleanor F. Gil-Kashiwabara
14. Stories of violence: Use of Testimony in a Support Group for Latina American Battered Women by Marja Booker

Feminist Activism in the Public Interest
15. "We All Need Different Kinds of Help": Poor Women's Perspectives on Welfare Reform by Ingrid Johnston-Robledo and Renee N. Saris
16. Women, Federal Policy, and Social Change: Bringing a Feminist Presence to Capitol Hill by Jeanine C. Cogan and Camille Preston

Book Code: C6952 ISBN: 0-275-96952-5
392 pages, Figures
Praeger Publishers
Publication Date: March 30, 2002
List Price: $69.95, hardcover

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Copyright © Lynn H. Collins, 2002