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Lynn H. Collins, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Welcome to my faculty web page!

       I try to update and change this site regularly to provide Psychology students at all levels with current information about the field as well as my courses. 

Professional Interests

       I am a Clinical Psychologist, which means that I was trained in therapy and psychological testing. I teach courses in this area, Dr. Lynn Collins but have taught courses in nearly every area of Psychology at this point, except for Biological Bases. In addition to clinical work, I also write, and give presentations in the clinical psychology, women in academe, and feminist psychology. To see my vita, please click here. For my Department web page, please click here. Click here for more information about our new book.
       I think it is important to be active in professional organizations. It is an excellent way to meet other people in the field and stay up-to-date, since research tends to take a few years to be published! There are both independent and affiliated student organizations. Most major psychological organizations offer student memberships. Collaboration with peers is not only helpful, but more fun. The Gender Research Group offers additional opportunities for participation in research on topics of interest to you.

Programs at La Salle University

       If you are interested in our Undergraduate Psychology Program
at La Salle University, read more about it on our Picture of La Salle University campus Psychology Department Web site. If you are interested in the Master's Degree Programs in Psychology at La Salle, read more about it on the M.A. in Clinical-Counseling Psychology Web Site. There is also a site for La Salle's Psy.D. Program in Clinical Psychology. Students who are already enrolled in a psychology program at La Salle may join our Undergraduate or Graduate Programs Listserv to share information and discuss issues. To join, use this link or e-mail me at If you're interested in Women's Studies at La Salle, read more about the Women's Studies Minor at the Women's Studies Web Site.

Other Interests

Sometimes I find time to play with art (this web page is an example), renovate houses, go camping, or see a favorite obscure band play. Here are some Hobby Links and Music Links.

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