Andrew T. Dolan, ABD
Core Adjunct Professor of Religion and Classics
La Salle University

Links for General Biblical Studies and Early Judaism
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General Biblical Studies

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies Internet Theology Resources: Scripture
Latin Vulgate Bible Biblical Resources
Goshen Bible Study Tools English Bible Versions Online
On-Line Bible Search RSV Translation of 4 Maccabees
David Washburn Biblical Links Scripture and Homosexuality
Biblical & Theological Studies Index: Weekly Update of Articles, Books, and Other Resources Jack Kilmon’s Fonts for Scholars, Academics, Students
Victor Matthew’s Gender Studies/Religious Studies Bibliography:  Valuable for studies of women and goddesses in the ancient Near East, especially Israel

Early Judaism

Resources for the Study Philo of Alexandria Lilith
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Web Page Adam and Eve Archive
Josephus Bibliographie (German) Works of Josephus (Whiston)
The Aseneth Home Page The Sentences of Pseudo-Phocylides
Donald D. Binder's "Second Temple Synagogues" Divine Mediator Figures in the Biblical World


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Updated February 19, 1998

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