Andrew T. Dolan, M.A., Ph.D. cand.
Core Adjunct Professor of Religion and Classics
Graduate Faculty in Biblical Studies, Graduate Programs in Theology
La Salle University

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btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Classical Literature & History

btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Greek Fonts and Software

btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Women in the Ancient World

btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Text Criticism

btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Greek

btzbul1a.gif (1801 bytes) Beyond Greece and Rome

Classical Literature & History

The Internet Classics Archive Perseus Digital Library
Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquité LOC Classical and Medieval History
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome The Stoa Consortium
Society for Late Antiquity  

Women in the Ancient World

Women's Life in Greece and Rome

Diotima:  Women & Gender in the Ancient World

Greek Language

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway

Little Greek 101:   Learning New Testament Greek

Mark Goodacre's Greek New Testament Gateway

Greek Fonts and Software:

Teknia Home Page

ScriptSource - Writing systems, computers, and people

Text Criticism and Paleography

Textual Criticism Resources - NT Gateway

Duke University Papyrus Archive

Beyond Greece and Rome

Geography of Roman Gaul                            

Star Myths and Constellation Lore

ETANA Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives

Jack Kilmon’s Fonts for Scholars, Academics, Students (Fonts for ANE and Levantine Studies)


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