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New Testament & Jesus

The World and Person of the Historical Jesus

Mahlon Smith's Into His Own:   Perspective on the World of Jesus (includes English trans. of texts showing the Jewish social, political, and religious world of Jesus)
Jesus Seminar:  on the ensemble of scholars who try to determine what Jesus said and did
NT Parallels in Josephus Jim Tabor's The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
The Real Jesus? Recommended Historical Jesus Sites
Jesus Seminar Home Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels
E. P. Sanders, "Jesus in Historical Context," Theology Today 50.3 (1993):  429-448

Paula Fredriksen, “Jesus, Purity, and the Christian Study of Judaism”

XTalk:  The Historical Jesus and Early Christian Origins (Crosstalk2)Homepage of the Moderated Internet Discussion Group for the Academic Study of the Historical Jesus and the Rise of Christianity


Secret Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Luke Homepage

Polyglot Bible:  Gospel of Luke

Synoptic Gospels Primer

The Five Gospels Parallels

Net Resources for Synoptics

Kata Markon:  The Gospel of Mark Email Discussion List Homepage and links

Fourth Gospel and John's Epistles - Home Page for Research

Social Science Commentary on the Gospel of John, ed. Bruce J. Malina and Richard L. Rohrbaugh

Mark Homepage

Synoptic Problem

Johannine Literature

Jane Kopas, "Jesus and Women in Matthew," Theology Today 47.1 (1990):  13-21


St. Paul

Sheila McGinn's Resources Pauline Studies (New URL) Paul at Jenee Woodard's Text This Week
Bob Kraft's "Some Notes on Sabbath Observance in Early Christianity" N.T. Wright's "One God, One Lord, One People"
Mark Goodacre's Pauline Links Page Corpus Paulinum listserve and links
John Gager, "Paul's Contradictions:  Can They Be Resolved?"  Bible Review 6.14 (1998):  32-39 New!  
Corinthian Study Links Atlantic Baptist University - Pauline Studies
J. L. Sheler, "Reassessing an Apostle," U.S. News & World Report 5 April 1999 Daniel Boyarin's A Radical Jew:  Paul and the Politics of Identity

The Book of Revelation

Felix Just's Revelation links "What is Apocalyptic Literature?"
Apocalypticism & Millennialism Bibliography Georg Adamsen's Revelation Resources
Apocalyptic Aids J. J. Collins's definition of the genre apocalypse

"Towards an Ethical Reading of the Apocalypse: Reflections on John’s Use of Power, Violence, and Misogyny" by David L. Barr

Scholars' Home Pages - all with useful links and some online articles and pictures

Mark Goodacre's Homepage George Aichele’s Homepage
Rodney Decker's Resources for NT Studies K. C. Hanson's Homepage
Ted Mann's Christian Resources Links Stephen Carlson's Home Page
Jim West's Biblical Studies Resources  

Text Criticism, Canon, and the Greek New Testament

Editions of the Greek New Testament

The Development of the Canon of the New Testament

Textual Criticism & MSS Interpretation Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism


All-in-One Biblical Resources Search Page

BILDI: Documentation for Biblical Literature Innsbruck:  A searchable index of NT bibliography

Pheme Perkins, "God in the New Testament:  Preliminary Soundings," Theology Today 42.3 (1985): 332-341. 

NT Academic Email Discussion Groups

The Greek NT:   Westcott-Hort text from 1881, combined with the NA26/27 variants

Versions of the New Testament

UBS Translation Library

Dolan's Homepage
La Salle University

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