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No matter what your track is, you’re bound to find a job lead from among these 60 communication-related job sites.  For the fastest track to jobs from La Salle friends, check out the Word on the Street and COM Job Hunters’ email list. 

If you have any corrections or additions to this list, please contact Mike. 

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General Job Hunting Sites

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Public Relations and Advertising

Film and Entertainment

Word on the Street and COM Job Hunters List  

Alumni Testimonials

General Job Hunting Tips:

·         Not by the ‘net alone: Nothing beats wearing out a little shoe leather and making connections with professionals in the field through internships, interviews, and other experiences. 

·         A rose by any other name:  Remember that “communication” jobs fall under a variety of names.  Also know that many of the lists below, even those specific to something like journalism, often have postings for jobs across the field (e.g., PR).  So, be creative in searching.  Some key words:  communication, communications specialist, writer, editor, advertising, advertising copywriter, marketing, public affairs, account executive, public relations, etc.

·         Don’t Fence Yourself In:  National sites feature national opportunities; you may want to work in Philadelphia, but be open to jobs around the East Coast and beyond.   This is especially true in broadcasting and journalism. 

·         Nothing ventured…: Many of the sites contain ads for experienced professionals (a plus for graduate alumni).  Many of you won’t have 10 years’ experience and qualify for a senior VP position.  But don’t dismiss those ads that ask for anything from 1-5 years. If you’ve had some killer internships or other experience, are passionate and knowledgeable about the organization, and think you can talk your way into the job, go for it.

·         Straight to the source: So, you really want to work for MTV, or Olgilvy, Nike, Apple, or The Washington Post?  Then contact those companies directly, rather than waiting for something to show up on these lists.   


Two Ways to Get the Latest Job Info From
La Salle Alum and Friends!

1.    Word on the Street:  We have over 30 years’ worth of alumni, plus a lot of friends and supporters, who want to hire La Salle people.  They send us their job opportunities, and we post them here. 

2.    La Salle COM Job Hunters Email List:  The email often brings job notices from alumni, friends, and professional associations.  If you’re on the La Salle COM Job Hunters’ list, these notes will go to your inbox as soon as we get them.  To add your name to the list, contact Mike.   Please note that this service is for La Salle students and alumni only. 

Alumni Testimonials

PR/Com Management Alum:

I want to thank you for your continued support of graduates seeking jobs, through your forwarding of PRSA listings and other opportunities that arise…I graduated in 2009, and have been working a "fine-for-now" job since August. I recently made it through three rounds of interviews and accepted the communications coordinator position…that I was alerted to by one of your emails...what a valuable resource these emails are, no matter how long they [alumni] may have been looking for a job.”


Mass Media Alum: 

‘I just wanted to let you and the Comm department  know, that you were yet again successful in preparing a student for a job in their future career, and even though all of those networking nights scared me, I guess I have come to realize that they were right, and it is all about networking and who you know. I probably would still be working at Red Lobster if I hadn't kept in contact with people from my internship.”


Links below updated and verified Summer 2011

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General Job Hunting Sites and Career Information
These sites provide general information about looking for a job as well as generic job listings.  We’ve also listed a few good communication job sites that cover all the tracks or specific industries (e.g., sports). 

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Annual Surveys of Journalism and Mass Communication:  [Click on the “Graduate Surveys” link].  The researchers at this site survey communication graduates a year after they’ve graduated to determine the employment rates, salaries, and benefits for entry-level employees.  Great data on entry-level salaries and employment rates for graduates.  Good news:  La Salle grads rank a little above the national average in both rate of employment and salary.

Jobs in Sports:  This is a subscription site that covers a variety of positions in professional sports.  You can see some sample listings, but full access will cost nearly $30 a month.  Career categories include marketing (including PR, web sites, etc.) and broadcast media. 

La Salle Career Services:  Career Services can assist current students and alumni in a number of ways, from career planning to the tools to help with your job search.  Explorenet is a resource that connects alumni and current students with career opportunities.  Several COM-related jobs were posted the last time I looked. 

La Salle University Employment:  Just don’t want to leave the nest, eh?  Or are you eyeing the tuition remission benefit to start your graduate career?  Either way, this site lists current jobs at La Salle. 

Linkedin:  Though not as fun as Facebook, Linkedin is the social networking site for professionals.  Once you create a profile, join the following groups:  La Salle Alumni and La Salle Communication Alumni.  There are also groups related to public relations, journalism, and broadcasting associations, and a subgroup within the La Salle alumni for Marketing professionals. 

Media Bistro:  This was a hard site to categorize.  It leans toward writers of all kinds, with an emphasis on freelancers.  However, the job postings include some PR, Advertising, New Media Production (good for DART majors/minors) and assorted other communication positions. 

Media Job Market:  Advertising Week’s site for communication professionals.  Although skewed a bit toward advertising and PR, there are also jobs in mass media, journalism, and online platforms.

Monster @  Yes, Virginia, you can find work in Philly.  And yes, Monster is a generic search engine, not really tuned to communication jobs.  But there’s a lot of job-hunting and career advice here.  (And when I updated this link, one of the featured ads was for a corporate communicator at an area energy company.)

MSN Careers:  This site is powered by, so beware of using a generic job hunting site.  However, there are lots of articles on job hunting and career development. 

Occupational Outlook:  Can I get a job?  This question can be at least partly answered by the U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook annual.  This publication lists hundreds of jobs (including those in communication), what people do in those jobs, and the outlook for short- and long-term employment.  For example, public relations specialist jobs are expected to grow 24 percent between now and 2018—but competition for entry level positions is stiff! 

Resume Advice:  Almost every general site in this section discusses resumes.  I like the info from The Rockport Institute because it asks some fundamental questions about you and your resume. From the site: “A resume is an advertisement, nothing more, nothing less.”

Resume Samples:  The proprietor of this site suggested I add this resource.  This site provides samples of resumes for a variety of different industries and career situations (changing careers, for instance).  Also offers a step-by-step guide for preparing resumes.  So, can you get paid in your profession?  Sure!  But how much you’re paid depends on a variety of factors.  This site gives you ballpark figures for a variety of jobs, including some communication professions.  Having some idea of how much you’re could be paid can help you judge the quality of an offer.  Use this only as a guideline; salaries are influenced by a number of things.   This link takes you to the home page; you’ll likely want to choose one of the personal options for computing your salary. 

WSJ Careers:  The Wall Street Journal’s job web site.  Go beyond the “job search” box at the top of the page to find great articles on industry trends, career strategies, educational tips, how-to-guides covering interviews, salary negotiations, etc.  One recent article was on avoiding procrastination (an affliction of up to 80% of college students according to the article).  

Communication Management  Back to Top

Association for Women in Communication:  Be sure to join La Salle’s chapter of AWC for networking and access to local job sources.  You don’t have to be a woman to check out AWC’s Career center.  Note the special networks for marketing/PR and journalism, as well as the general job board. 

Find Nonprofit Jobs:  A site created and maintained by La Salle’s Nonprofit Center.  Browse jobs, sign up for email alerts, and post a resume.  The first job I saw last I checked? Administrative and Communication Coordinator.

International Association of Business Communicators:  This is the leading organization for people interested in communication management, with a good dose of public relations jobs in the mix.  As an international organization, IABC lists jobs from all over the world.   The IABC Philadelphia chapter also offers a job site for those who don’t want to leave the area. 

Idealist:  A job site for those interested in nonprofit organizations.  The site offers job and internship opportunities in a number of categories, including advertising, events management, fundraising, public relations, human resources, and more. Be sure to check out the “career guides.” Includes international listings.  Idealist also sponsors jobs fairs around the country, including Philly.  This site is a portal to the job application sites of many top companies, many in retail.  The down side is that it’s full of advertising links, and you sometimes have to go a few pages in to get to the actual company site.  

Nonprofitjobseekers: This site offers a nation-wide listing of jobs in the nonprofit sector.  There are many for which communication majors from all tracks qualify.  And lest you think “non-profit”=no pay, some communication directors in nonprofits earn six figure salaries.

Opportunity Knocks:  This site is devoted to nonprofit job opportunities around the country.  If you use the “advanced search” feature, you can pick a job title that most closely matches what you seek.  You can also search by state.  In addition to communication/public relations, Communication graduates might be interested in marketing/sales, human resources, education/teaching, and the like.  

Opportunities in Public Affairs:  A broad listing of jobs in and around Washington, DC, including Capitol Hill.  Great source for all tracks, but the researcher/organizer jobs are particularly appropriate for COM Management. 

Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Job Bank:   This is a resource for all of the cultural institutions (museums, theatres, etc.) in the Delaware Valley.  While there are lots of PR and events planning positions, other categories include administration and education.  Many of the positions, though, are volunteer or internships.   Thanks to Jean Dolan

USA JOBS:  This is the official site of the U.S. Government’s Personnel Office.  There are a number of ways to search, and I found jobs in audio-visual production as well as a number in public affairs or public information (the government’s terms for public relations). 

Public Relations and Advertising Back to Top

Advertising/Public Relations @  A portal for all kinds of information related to advertising and PR.  See the “Careers” tab at top of page for job tips and resources. 

American Advertising Federation:  One of the largest trade groups in advertising.  This link takes you to the home page of the organization’s job hunt page.  Follow the instructions there for searching. 

College and University Public Relations Association of Professionals (CUPRAP):  This organization is comprised of PR pros from around PA, and often has jobs in many aspects of university communication, from development and web design to sports information.  Thanks to Jean Dolan, MA alumnus and Bucks County Community College PR pro.  It is with some regret that I note that the jobs section of this otherwise sassy site has been suspended for a while.  I’ll be sure to put the link back up when it’s updated; in the meantime, feel free to drink in some PR advice at the CornerBar. 

MediaPost Classifieds:  MediaPost is an industry site that provides information about trends in media, marketing, public relations, and advertising.  This is the link to its jobs board; however, you might want to go to the home page and sign up for its newsletter on industry trends.  Good candidates know what’s going on in the industry.  

O’Dwyer’s PR Daily:  What a pleasant surprise to find that O’Dwyer’s has stopped charging for its job service.  There are two different resources here:  PR Jobs Board lists dozens of jobs from around the country; the Directory of PR Firms gives you online access to firms around the country; you can visit their Web sites to see if they’re hiring. 

Opportunities in Public Affairs:  This site was also listed under COM Management—lots of PR-related jobs here. 

PR Crossing:  This site claims to link to PR jobs from many other job boards and search engines.  Hard to verify that claim, but there seemed to be a number of PR jobs in a variety of sectors. 

Philly Ad Club:  Don’t let the name fool you—this site has a variety of jobs in marketing and PR as well as advertising. 

Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Job Bank:   This is a resource for all of the cultural institutions (museums, theatres, etc.) in the Delaware Valley.  A number of public relations, marketing, and development jobs are listed.  Click on “search for a job.”  Thanks to Jean Dolan. 

Philadelphia Public Relations Association:  PPRA is the oldest urban public relations association in the nation.  A great place to network, PPRA also lists some jobs on-line.  Several La Salle alums have been very involved with PPRA, and would love to help you connect.   

PR News Job Site:  PR News is a great source of info for PR pros (try subscribing to their e-newsletters), and this job site is pretty comprehensive.  One of the newsletters you can sign up for is all about jobs. 

PR Week:  PR Week is a leading public relations industry trade magazine.  This site boasts a range of industries and job opportunities.  You need to register to use it, but it appears to be a free service.

Public Relations Society of America:  PRSA is the foremost professional association for PR folks.  The site lists a variety of jobs, although they tend to be mid-management and above with the occasional entry-level position.  The site also offers other resources for job hunters, but you may have to pay a fee if you’re not a PRSA member.  The Public Relations Student Society of America—PRSSA—links to the PRSA Job site, too. You may also check out a variety of job hunting tips at the Career Tools site.)  The Philadelphia Chapter of the PRSA offers a free job listing e-newsletter for members; at last check, the job listing newsletter is $45 for nonmembers.

Shameless PRSSA Plug:  There are at least 3 good reasons to join La Salle PRSSA—(1) you get access to the Job Center; (2) if you graduate as a PRSSA member, you can get a discounted PRSA membership, thus giving you even more access and a subscription to the Philly jobs newsletter; and (3) you’ll network with PR pros who want to hire you. 

Communintelligence:  This site offers an online “community” for public relations, organizational communication, and interpersonal communication professionals.  In addition to the jobs page, there are blogs and resource guides for communication professionals. 

Journalism  Back to Top

Association of Magazine Media:  Formerly the Magazine Publishers Association, this is the careers site for the leading magazine trade association. 

CubReporters:  A site for those launching their careers in journalism.  Not only does this site have its own job listings, but it also is a portal to several dozen journalism job boards.

Editor and Publisher:  E & P is one of the leading journalism trade journals, and this board lists jobs from around the US.  Included in these listings are jobs around the media, including advertising sales and management. 

Folio:Careers:  Folio is a trade publication for the magazine industry (a magazine about magazines?).  The career site has a searchable database of magazines jobs around the country.

Journalist's Tool Box:  The Society of Professional Journalists job site is a portal for a number of job sites in journalism, broadcasting, and public relations, as well as general job search and career advice sites.  Note—last update was June, 2010, so I can’t vouch for all the links. 

Journalism  A comprehensive site for journalism jobs—as well as public relations, mass media, and even some communication management.  The site also offers links to industry information, updates on the journalism job market, and job hunting tips. 

minonline:  I’m not sure what “min” stands for, but this jobs board lists a number of jobs in magazines and online content development.  Click on the “media jobs” link and you’ll also see a resource for freelance opportunities.  It is a sister site to “Folio,” listed above. 

Poynter Job Center:  The Poynter Institute is a leading research center for journalism.  It also happens to host a job site. 

Write Jobs:  A job site for journalists and media writing professionals of all kinds.  The pickings were a little slim last I checked.  The site also contains links to career building resources and some regional media links, including a number of Philadelphia print media outlets.

Mass Media, Media Sales Back to Top

Corporation for Public Broadcasting:  For jobs in public broadcasting—radio and television—around the country.  Also features information about promotion jobs, not just production and editorial positions. 

Mandy: No, not the title to Barry Manilow’s first hit, but rather a listing of television and film production jobs, including casting calls.  Site offers both foreign and domestic job information.  

MediaJobPod:  This isn’t a job listing site, but it features short video interviews with media pros who share advice on the nuts and bolts of looking for jobs in media, from cover letters and demo reels to the importance of writing for videographers. 

Medialine:  This site offers a chance for television talent to connect with employers.  While the focus seems to be on-air talent, the categories also include producers, directors, and the like.  Site use requires a subscription; rates vary from about $10 to about $70, depending on the length of your subscription.  Thanks to Dr. Goedkoop for this recommendation.  

Media Recruiter: This site was originally for those interested in selling advertising or managing promotions for media outlets.    However, the site also claims to have news editorial and production jobs. 

Broadcast Career Link:  The National Association of Broadcasters is a trade organization for broadcast professionals.  Look for jobs in television and radio.  You may also visit the main NAB site for information about job fairs around the country. 

Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters:  The state job bank for broadcast professionals, including sales and promotion, in radio and TV.  Also contains internship listings. 

TV  This is an online directory to a variety of opportunities in mass media, including online journalism, freelance, and some radio.  This is a subscription site (about $30/month), but you can log in as a guest before you subscribe.  

TV and Radio Jobs:  A small site, but one that lists opportunities in radio, TV, film and elsewhere.  Also had some links to specialty sites, such as jobs in sports. 

Film and Entertainment Back to Top

Entertainment Careers:  This site is for all sorts of entertainment industries (film, TV, records) and jobs (production, sales, public relations, etc.).  Also a good site for internships and low-no pay jobs (otherwise known as your foot-in-the-door).  You can become a member of the site for about $10 month and receive email alerts each week. 

Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers:  This site is sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.  The “hotline” lists current opportunities for cast, crew, staff positions, and internships associated with companies or productions shooting in Philadelphia. 

Showbiz Jobs:  This is a comprehensive site that offers entertainment industry jobs across the board.  Some of the search categories include advertising, public relations/publicity, production and post-production, and human resources. 

Updated August 11, 2011