Part III: Writing [Back to Writing Test page]


Listed below is a set of facts. Using this information, please write a short

news story. Extra sheets of paper are attached if you need them.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† The FBI yesterday released its annual Uniform Crime Reports for 1994.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† 851 murders were committed in Chicago in 1994, compared to 939 in 1993.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† Nationwide, murders increased in 1994 by 3 percent over 1993.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† For other violent crimes committed in the United States during 1994,

forcible rape fell 4 percent; robbery dropped 2 percent; and, aggravated

assault showed no change.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† The statistics are released annually in May.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† Serious crime is measured by an Index composed of violent and property crimes. Violent crime dropped 1 percent last year; property crime decreased 3 percent.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† Uniform Crime Reports measure only crimes reported to the police; they do not count unreported crimes.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† Serious crimes reported to the nationís law enforcement agencies

decreased 3 percent in 1994 compared to 1993.


††††††††††† *†††††††††† This was the second year in a row for a decrease; in 1993, overall crime was also down 3 percent.