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Welcome to INL 650 - User Interface Technologies.

This course is about user interface principles, and current technologies that are used for the creation of user interfaces. The course deals with GUI interfaces, and more leading edge technologies such as speech recognition and possibly virtual reality. It is part of the technology track of the Information Technology Leadership M.S. program. As such, we are particularly concerned with the choice of technology to effectively create good interfaces. INL 650 User Interface Technologies


Course Description

This course will examine the issues associated with human-computer interaction including human-computer task allocation, interface technologies, such as GUIs, speech, virtual reality, body interfaces. Design of interfaces likely to enhance performance. Interface technologies support for good interface design. Evaluation methods for user interfaces. Interfaces issues for users with disabilities, globalization. Prerequisites: MIS 710; CIS 523 or MIS 725; CIS 502 or MIS 620


Course Objectives

  • The student will understand current theories, principles and guidelines for effective interface design
  • The student will be able to analyze a user interface design for its fit to good design principles
  • The student will learn to manage the interface design process for interactive systems.
  • The student will be able to assess user interface tools for their support of good design
  • The student will compare current user interface tools for their ease of developing interfaces
  • The student will work directly with direct manipulation interface environments
  • The student will develop an understanding of when virtual reality environments may be appropriate
  • The student will gain experience with designing, prototyping and assessing a user interface.
  • The student will develop an appreciation for the societal and individual impact of user interfaces, including job satisfaction, privacy, safety
  • The student will develop an understanding of issues involved in the generality of interface design: globalization and accommodation of disabilities.


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