CIS 630 - Component Based Programming

Catalog description
This course studies software reuse. Applications and examples use the Microsoft environment: the component technologies COM and .NET as well as COM+, the component services for both. Topics include: the component object model; implementing a COM client and server; the Active Template Library and smart pointers; COM+ programming model; COM+ services, with emphasis on transactions; using COM+ from COM and .NET; meaning of a component in .NET; using C# to create a .NET component; .NET interoperability with COM. Prerequisite: CIS 536.

Software needed - Fall 2002
first 8 weeks or so: Visual Studio 6.0, running on Windows 2000 or XP or NT 4.0
then: Visual Studio .NET

La Salle has a grant from Microsoft that enables students in appropriate courses to install free both Windows 2000 Professional and Visual Studio .NET on their home machines. The MSCIS program has contracted with a service provider to enable download of Visual Studio .NET for students in the program. When this service is available, information will be posted here.

An alternative—although not free—is buying the academic version of VS .NET through an approved vendor. The academic version is identical to the professional version, and is provided at greatly reduced rates to students and faculty of colleges or universities. VS .NET is available from La Salle’s bookstore online through or offline at 800-874-9001. It is also available from

Count on several hours for the .NET installation (6 CDs) and upgrade of any necessary patches to your existing software.

See the current course description for required texts.

Course description for Fall 2002