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Michael Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Communication
La Salle University
Communication Center, Room 213
Office Phone: 215-951-1981

Fax: 215-951-5043


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"Our life is more than our work; our work is more than our job"
Charlie King, American Folk Singer

Welcome to my little home in the global village!

The words "communication" and "community" share the same Latin root, communis, which means something in common. Effective communication--and well-trained communicators--are essential to healthy, vibrant, democratic, and just communities.

Students and others can find links to my current courses by clicking the Courses link to the left.

For more about my professional and personal interests, follow the WWW.Me.com link. There you'll find information on communication and service organizations, my favorite causes, and things I like to do in my sparse spare time. 

Visit the La Salle Communication Page for a virtual tour of the Communication Center and information about our undergraduate program and graduate degree in Professional Communication.