If you are interest in a custom logo, t-shirt, website, Flash animation, feel free to contact me. I do low cost and pro bono work depending on the client and scope of project. I am primarily interested in supporting student groups, educational institutions, churches, non-profits and the like. E-mail me at

Below are samples of some of the work that I have done. I have consulted and worked on many more projects. If you would like a specific example, quote or consult, please contact me. I also have extensive experience with developing web applications, but I cannot provide direct access samples as those projects fall behind La Salle's private network. I also have several years experience working with the design and use of Wordpress themes, plugins, etc.


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Please contact me if you would like to use any of the content below.

Website Projects:

blank La Salle Resident Assistant Job Application
blank La Salle Opening Weekend
blank La Salle Student Activities
blank Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers
blank La Salle Sexual Misconduct Website
La Salle Housing Selection
MACHUO Conference 2004
Y Mountain Pipe Band
Brigham Young Highland Arts Association
Utah Valley Llamafest
University Ministry and Service 1
University Ministry and Service 2
University Ministry and Service 3
La Salle University Tutoring
Medford Strikers (demo)

Print Brochures, Fliers, Etc.:

blank Church Open House - Flier (PDF 11MB)
blank Church Open House - Tickets
blank Church Open House - Cards: Outside | Inside
blank Coaching Commitment - Home Teaching Tri-fold (PDF 1MB)

Power Point Presentations:

blank Dealing with Conflict
blank Representing Others
blank Strategy Change
blank Portal Transformation
blank Gardening 101
blank Harm Reduction

Custom T-Shirt/Logo Designs:

Bagpipe General Logo - Black & White
Bagpipe Website Logo - Color
Superhero T-Shirt Logo - Front
Superhero T-Shirt Logo - Back
blank Up 'Til Dawn
Leaders in World Showcase - Back


Hawaii - Color
Utah in Winter - Black & White
Photos @ La Salle

Flash Projects:

La Salle University Portal
didgeredoo guys
30 Countries
Flash Spacey Interface


Native Southwestern
Crystal Tears


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