DArt 461/462 Digital Arts and Multimedia Design Internship
Course Syllabus

Why should I Intern?

Internship Coordinator -- John Beatty

Program Director Jon Knappenberger
Office                   Holroyd - 129

Intership Phone                    215.951.5004 (Beatty office)
                                215.951.1130 (Department Office)

E-Mail                  You can send e-mail at beatty@lasalle.edu.

Conferences/Meetings   You are expected to make meetings for the regular internship meetings—each meeting will be about 15-30 minutes in length.   If you  have another problem/concern, we should to meet during the office hours to resolve this issue.  If you call during my hours and I am meeting with someone,  I may need to take a message.

You are expected to meet with the internship coordinator every two or three weeks. The total number of meetings for the semester will be about 5. You are also expected to submit journal entries before each meeting. The total number of journal entries for the semester will be about 5.

Description    The internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to apply their academic theories and practices in short term assignments in industry.  Students will allow seek placements which require a time committment of 12-15 hours per week. 

Attendance  Your internship assignment is an opportunity to work in actual job settings.  You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner during your internship.  Your employer has a set of expectations which are expected to be fulfilled, including attendance policies.  You are also expected to keep a record of your deadlines and meet them without being reminded.  This includes scheduled meetings with the internship coordinator and report due dates.

Course Assignments and Deadlines--Details

1.  Meetings
The meetings will last about 30 minutes and they will cover your progress with the position, plans for your final project and how this internship relates to your coursework.
2.  Journals -- Typically you will have 5 to 7 journal entries, and 5 to 7 meetings per semester.
You are expected to keep a journal about your internship.  You should send me a copy of the journal entry prior to our meeting.  The journal entry should detail what you are doing, how it relates to your coursework, your expectations and issues with the position.  The coordinator needs to have the entry at least 1 day prior to the meeting.
3.  Student Internship Assignment Form
This form is an agreement signed by your supervisor outlining your responsibilities and required skills.
4.  Final Report/Project
This project is a comprehesive result of the work you have been doing during the internship time.  The project/report will be specifically tailored to your individual experience. 
5.  Supervisor's Evaluations
The organization's interns site supervisor are expected to complete Midterm and Final Evaluations. The evaluations will be sent to the appointed site supervisor with expected return dates. The intern candidates are expected to remind the supervisor regarding completion and return of the evaluations.

Course Grading--There are 3 components to this grade.
.  1.  The site supervisor's mid-term and final evaluations--Weighted 40%
    2.  Interactions with the internship coordinator, including meeting deadlines for journal entries and keeping bi-weekly appointments--Weighted 40%
    3.  Final Project and its evaluation for thoroughness and quality--Weighted 20%