Capstone Form

Capstone Proposal

Each proposal must contain, at a minimum, the following parts:

1. Capstone Topic Form

This form indicates the team of students, topic, advisor, and external partner. The capstone form should be downloaded and completed.

2. Executive Summary

The proposal must contain an Executive Summary of one to two pages. The Executive Summary should explain the area of concentration which has been agreed upon by the student and his/her faculty advisor. It should contain a non-technical overview of the proposed approach and highlights of the project/research. It should explain how the capstone experience integrates material from other M.S. CIS courses. In addition, it should focus on how the topic relates to computing, listing the major computing issues addressed. It should address the issue of how the external organization will fit within the project/research, if the student is so partnering.

3. Project Plan and Schedule

This section should describe the Capstone activites. This section should include a breakdown of the steps for this particular project and the dates of completion for each step. The project plan should include a list of all deliverables that need to be produced for the capstone. At a minimum the project plan needs to include a midterm submission date for materials to be reviewed by the capstone review team, along with the final date for submission. The final submission date will reflect when the presentation of the capstone project may be scheduled.

If the student is partnering with an external organization, then this section should also include how the external partner's organization fits into the timeline and the type of contact and time estimates.

4. Student Qualifications

The purpose of this section is to describe the qualifications of the student/team members. A resume detailing education, experience and other qualifications should be included.

5. Plagiarism Signature Form

Each student member of the team is expected to read the plagiarism article (click "Plagiarism" above) and sign the accompanying plagiarism form. Any submitted work (draft or final) that is plagiarized will result in failure for those individuals responsible. This applies to all work which is part of the project or research paper.