Capstone Requirements

Capstone Project

Students may culminate their learning with a capstone project or research paper under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Students may work on a capstone experience either individually or in a group. Some students partner with an external company, or work on a project associated with their employer as project deliverable for that company.

Capstones are available as one semester research papers or projects (CIS 685).  In order for a student to participate in the capstone experience, the student needs to have completed at least the foundation and core requirements for the program. The student also needs to meet the prerequisites for the project they are considering. The prerequisites are determined by the faculty advisor, based on the each specific project.

The student needs to complete capstone-proposal submission process requirements in the semester prior to the capstone. The submission activities must be completed, and the capstone proposal approved before the student is able to register for the capstone course.

The student will be registered for the capstone only with the approval of the Program Director. The director's approval guarantees that the student has met the program prerequisites, along with the prerequisites defined by the faculty advisor and that the capstone proposal has been submitted, reviewed and approved by the graduate program faculty.