Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

1. Pre-Semester Submission

Students are expected to complete the pre-semester requirements prior to requesting registration for a capstone course. The student is responsible for requesting a faculty member to join him/her in the research project. The student will work with the faculty member to define the scope of the project, including all deliverable pieces, and the detailed timeline.

2. Capstone Proposal

The student is responsible for completing the capstone proposal and submitting it to the program director based on the pre-semester requirements timeline. Failure to complete the proposal within the timeline may result in the proposal not being approved and the student not being permitted to register for the capstone course.

3. Project Submissions

The student is responsible for adhering to the timeline established in the proposal. Late submission of project documentation which requires review by the faculty advisor and/or the capstone readers will result in changes to the original timeline. The reviewing team expects a submission of the project at the mid-semester time and at least two weeks prior to the date of the project presentation. Late submissions may result in a grade of incomplete (I) until the project has been reviewed and all pieces completed and submitted.

All capstone materials which are submitted to the reviewing team need to be both hard and electronic copies. There should be one hard copy for each member of the reivewing team including the advisor.

4. Review of Capstone and Presentation

The capstone project is reviewed by the faculty advisor and a team of readers appointed by the program director. The advisor and readers will prepare comments on the project. The student will deliver a final presentation on the capstone project. At the conclusion of the presentation, the student will be required to revise the project to address questions and issues raised by the advisor and the readers. The student will be required to produce four final copies of the project, which includes all updates. The faculty advisor, each reader and the program office will receive a final copy of the project.

5. Submission of Final Grade

The faculty advisor will submit the final grade to the program office. After the student has submitted the final copies of the project and the faculty advisor and capstone readers acknowledge that all issues have been satisfactorily resolved, then the final grade will be submitted to the registrar's office.